Items of interest to Mudgap Residents

New Mexico Themes

White Sands National Monument

For some reason we have a lot of people around here interested in the National Stock Exchange of India. Must be a frontier thing.

Rocky Mountain Themes

Steam Trains from the Mudgap Era-Not all from Mudgap

Views from our sister city, Leadville Colorado

•    March 7-14: Winter Carnival.  This year marked the 93rd production of Mudgap's winter carnival, held annually since 1895 except for the depression years and the two world wars.   Popular activities this year included ice skating, curling, snowmobiling and other winter sports and a presentation of King Lear on the Historical Society’s outdoor stage.

•    July 4:  This annual tradition in Mudgap was more spectacular than ever, despite the economic down turn.  This years street vendors, family games and fireworks were augmented by the traditional Shakespeare bash at the Opera House.

•    July 1 – July 21: The fifteenth gathering of the Sierra Fangosos Southwestern Writers’ Roundup, for authors and book lovers featuring open-air readings, lectures, seminars and confabulation was a great success.

•    August 13-16: The Bear Hill Players will stage their nineth production of Emerson Stockton Bardwell’s, The American Pilgrim at the Estatua Opera House.  Make your plans now, while there is still time.  Ride the Solomon Line Excursion steam train into the mountains for an evening of fun and fine theater.

•    October 15-18:  The Bear Hill Players will again repeat one of their most popular and long-lived productions, the dramatization of Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark.  This classic favorite has been enhanced since 2009 with musical numbers that have elevated the production to new heights.